GMACL Survey

GMACL Survey for Season 2021

Dear Executives and Team Representatives, please spare a few minutes to submit the following survery, that will help the league to understand your experience and feedback. 

All data collected is for internal use only, the survery result wil be used for feedback purpose only. The user information is anonymous by default. 

Thanks in advance. 

How did you and your team enjoyed Cricket 2021 at GMACL?

Rate your experience

How do you rate the help from the GMACL League Executives?

how was your experience dealing with league executives overall?

What do you think about the Number of games/fixtures offered in year 2021?

Answer considering number of weeks off druing the season

Did you struggle to find home ground during year 2021?

How do you rate umpiring standards this year?

Do you believe it was value for the money you spent for cricket this year?

Are there any ways that you may be able to help the league and the committee in the future?

How was your experience using ECR Panel for online players registration.

Would you like to encourage more new teams to join the GMACL League?

Was it easy for you to communicate with the League Executives?

Do you beleive the GMACL League took appropriate measure during Covid-19 pendamic?

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